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Search Google from the Start Menu

There’s a neat trick for adding Google searches directly to the Windows 7 Start Menu. Check it out and add it to your Start Menu now.

Google+, or Google Plus, is Google’s new social media engine. It’s increasing in popularity, and we have an easy way for you to share our content with the Google+ world.

Chromebooks are cheap laptops with Chrome OS on them, which is Google’s web-based operating system designed to run in the cloud. Find out the pluses and minuses of Chromebooks.

At work, it’s likely you use Microsoft Outlook to handle e-mail. If you’ve got an old machine, and there are a ton of old machines out there in the business world, Microsoft Outlook can eat up a ton of your computer’s processor! I had a job once where you couldn’t have Outlook open and something else at the same time, or the PC would slow to a crawl. There’s got to be another way, even for business users.

Here’s some valuable insight into the importance of keeping the software running on your PC up to date!

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