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My reg. no. is 128936904, Please reinstate my licence lost after computer reset

Asked by
James Ford
2018/04/27 21:36
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due to problems, I had my computer reset on 25/04/18. As a consequence I lost my C/Cleaner licence (Key no. CEHP-YFXN 88ES-WRAZ-11WC, taken out on 02/02/18). Would you please reinstate said license, Thank You.
Operating System:
Windows 10
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2018/05/14 12:43
Hello James,

As much as we want to help you resolve your concern, I am afraid that you need to contact Piriform directly from this link: https://www.ccleane...

CCleaner is a product of Piriform company. On the other hand, feel free to contact us for any concerns regarding ReviverSoft product and services.

Hope it helps!



Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/05/20 04:31

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Hi James,

Please contact CCleaner support for this issue. You can contact them at the below link.


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