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I accidentally deleted some of my pics and nowbi need them urgently. How can I get them back.

Asked by
Arun Kumar
2018/11/21 04:03
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All images were of high quality.
Operating System:
Windows 7
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/11/24 09:16
Hi Arun,

If you have deleted your pics accidentally, you must not have pressed Shift + Del for sure. You can check your Recycle Bin and you can find the pics there.

But if its not there, then there is a chance you might have made a backup of them. If have made a backup of those, you can use the below steps to recover the files:

To restore a deleted file or folder

  1. Open Computer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Computer.
  2. Navigate to the folder that used to contain the file or folder, right-click it, and then click Restore previous versions.Image result for Navigate to the folder that used to contain the file or folder, right-click it, and then click Restore previous versions.
  3. If the folder was at the top level of a drive, for example C:\, right-click the drive, and then click Restore previous versions.
  4. You'll see a list of available previous versions of the file or folder. The list will include files saved on a backup (if you are using Windows Backup to back up your files) as well as restore points, if both types are available.
  5. Double-click a previous version of the folder that contains the file or folder you want to restore. (For example, if a file was deleted today, choose a version of the folder from yesterday, which should contain the file.)
  6. Drag the file or folder that you want to restore to another location, such as your desktop or another folder.
  7. The version of the file or folder is saved to the location that you selected.
If it doesn't work for you then you can try the below fix.
Fix: Use Recuva software

The first piece of software that you’ll want to try is called Recuva, and it’s extremely easy to use.
Launch the Recuva wizard and start through the process of recovering those pictures.
  1. The first step on the wizard page will let you tell Recuva to only search for a specific type of file, which can save a lot of time while searching, and make it easier to find what you are looking for.
  2. Next you’ll need to specify where the file was, which will obviously be up to wherever you deleted it from.
  3. If there are a really large number of results, and you know exactly when the file was created or modified, you can switch to the advanced view, where you can sort by the last modified time. This can help speed up the process quite a bit, so you don’t have to look through quite as many files.
I hope this helps in getting back the images.



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