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I have downloaded several apps from you and since then my PC has become much slower, it crashes since constantly without notice and my display flickers only, so I have to connect an external screen. My

Asked by
maseè m.
2018/11/20 16:01
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Since the installation of the App's of you.
Yes, I especially can not use my Serato Dj program professionally any more, which of course is the worst if the screen is just flickering and it takes minutes of loading new music to load a new song to mix it.
I am using a newly purchased hp pavilion with WIN 10 pro for about two and a half years.
Operating System:
Windows 10
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/11/24 12:07
Hi Masee,

You can follow the below solutions to solve this issue of flickering of screen:

Solution 1:
You can reduce or eliminate flicker by increasing the screen refresh rate. A refresh rate of at least 75 hertz generally produces less flicker.

To correct flicker:
  1. Open Screen Resolution by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, and then, under Appearance and Personalization, clicking Adjust screen resolution.
  2. Click Advanced settings.
  3. Click the Monitor tab, and then, under Screen refresh rate, click the screen refresh rate you want. The monitor will take a moment to adjust. If you want to keep the changes, click Apply. If you don't apply the changes within 15 seconds, the refresh rate will revert back to your original setting.

Solution 2:
Some external devices you plug into the computer might also cause Windows 10 black screen with cursor or black screen of death after update.
  1. Unplug all external devices.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. If the black screen has disappeared, plug the devices again at a time to see which piece of hardware is causing this issue.
Solution 3:
Go to Task Manager, click on File > Run new task, type ‘msconfig’ and hit enter.
Click on ‘Services’ tab, there you will see two services named as:
  • Problem Reports & Solution Control Panel
  • Windows Error Reporting Service
Uncheck both of them to disable, and restart your machine. It should work fine then.

Solution 4:
If you are using a laptop, unplug your computer and take out of the battery. Then hold on and wait for a little while. Put the battery back in the computer, plug it and restart your computer.

I hope this helps.



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