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I have 2 computers can I install my license Any Word on the second SUIT me

2013/11/09 07:39
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2013/11/09 15:19
Hi Sylvain

Your license key for Driver Reviver is a single PC license as shown on the next page:

Therefore, you will need to purchase a second license key for your second computer.

For additional product and support a link investigations, we strongly recommend that you contact our dedicated support team:

Thank you,

Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2017/04/01 07:44

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Hi Sylvain,

There is only 1 licence associated with a single computer and thus you get a single licence for purchasing Reviversoft product and that can be used on 1 computer only. 
Purchase and registration of PC Reviver includes 12 months of:
  • Unlimited use on 1 PC
  • Unlimited products updates and upgrades
  • Unlimited premium support.
Your software's license code is associated to the computer’s hardware and system configuration when you activate it. The license status may get affected when you make changes to your computer's hardware and Operating System, or when you replace it with a new computer.

So Product key for the Reviversoft product you have bought will not work on any other PC except the one on which it has been installed. Therefore you need to buy another licence for using it on the second computer.

If you need further assistance, you can contact the support team at the below link and your query will be resolved as soon as possible.


I hope it helps.


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