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Does PC Reviver cones with Anti virus as well. I need antivirus software to protect my pc

Asked by
Irina Vikid
2018/12/25 06:59
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How can get it.
Operating System:
Windows Vista
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/12/29 16:59
Hi Irina,

Security Reviver will scan your PC and identify security threats and vulnerabilities. Security Reviver can quickly and safely remove these threats and prevent them from reoccurring.
Security Reviver identifies threats and vulnerabilities on your PC and will neutralize them quickly and easily. It then constantly monitors your PC to ensure you’re protected against future infection.
You can schedule Security Reviver to run at startup or any other time of day, ensuring you are in control of your protection. You can also choose a Quick, Deep or Custom scan depending on your needs and preferences.

ReviverSoft’s Security Reviver is an anti-malware program helps to efficiently fight cyber-threats and defends the system from spyware attacks. It also provides protection shields against malware threats. Security Reviver includes an advanced scan engine to quickly and effectively detect infections and spyware threats. It thoroughly scans cookies, memory, registry and files and folders for any malicious threats hidden on your PC.
You can then safely remove these malicious programs from your computer. Security Reviver includes a huge database of spyware and malware definitions to scan your computer for all types of malware and other malicious programs that may be hidden in the system and collecting informing without your knowledge or consent. It is updated almost on a daily basis to make the search for latest spyware more accurate.
With Security Reviver, you can quickly review the scanning details and removes anything related to these malicious programs and protects you and your computer from prying eyes. You can also schedule Security Reviver to run automatically and scan your PC for threats for round the clock protection.

I hope this helps.



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