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How Secure is My Password? Free Expert Advice

How secure is my password – you ask? Good question. There was an interesting summary article written on Tech Crunch about analysis that was done on a recent RockYou security breach.  32 million people had their RockYou accounts hacked. This is unfortunately becoming a common problem with large member based sites. The really interesting part of what happened is that a company called imperva did some analysis on the passwords used by the RockYou users and the findings were staggering!

How Secure is My Password?

The most common password was “123456,” followed by “12345,” “123456789″ and “Password,” in that order. “iloveyou” came in at no. 5.

Only 0.2% of the users had what could be deemed a strong password (which is a random password that is made up of numbers, symbols and letters both uncapitalized and capitalized.

This is a real concern! It is common practice for hackers to user these passwords listed above in order to crack an account. Do you use these passwords? If you do we highly recommend that you change them to a more secure password.

How to Create a Secure Password:

ReviverSoft offers a free password generator that you can use to create new, secure passwords. We highly recommend you give it a try and start using it to make all of your passwords for online use. Give it a try here

With the amount of personal information that you have available online these days it is just not worth the risk to use unsecure passwords.

The ReviverSoft Team

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