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Best Practices to Maintain your Laptop Battery

Today we discuss the best practices to maintain your Laptop Battery.
What is the point in carrying a laptop with you somewhere if the laptop battery will only last for 15 minutes and you will end up plugging it in anyway?
More and more laptops are being released with high capacity batteries as an add on option (which I think is money well spent for any one who expects to travel with their laptop) but the battery you get with your laptop may only last a couple hours at best. In addition to this, over time your laptop battery life will depreciate as you charge and discharge it.
It’s not all bad news though, there are a number of best practices that you should consider that will keep your laptop battery healthy for longer, here are a few of the key ones:
  1. Fully charge new batteries before use.
  2. A laptop battery’s health deteriorates the more you charge and discharge it, running it from a power source will make your battery remain in a state of charge/recharge. Instead, when your battery gets to near 100% charged, unplug it from the power and plug it in again when it is low.
  3. Heat will dramatically affect battery life for both batteries in your laptop and spare batteries you have stored. Keep spare batteries in a cool place and try to make sure that your laptop has plenty of ventilation so that the battery does not get too warm. Keeping the laptop cool will also reduce the need for your fan to run which also uses more battery power.
  4. If you are using your laptop as a desktop replacement, consider removing the battery and just running the laptop directly from the power source.
  5. Store spare batteries with approximately 40% charge, batteries even when stored will discharge over time.
  6. Adding more RAM to your laptop will actually decrease battery consumption as RAM will be used rather than your hard drive to run resource intensive processes. Your hard drive is a mechanical device and is a significant power hog.
  7. Try to minimize CD/DVD drive use. As with your hard drive, your optical drives are a mechanical device that will consume a lot of power when in use.
  8. Try using ReviverSoft’s Battery Optimizer to manage your laptop’s devices that can be turned off to maximize battery life.

We hope that you found these tips useful, some of these best practices for maintaining battery life are difficult to follow for some but just knowing them is valuable for you so that you can follow them when possible.

As always, let us know any of your questions by placing a comment below!

The ReviverSoft Team

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