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My PC Takes Too Long to Boot. How Can I Fix it?

So your PC takes Too Long to Boot? You’ve found the answer!

I’d like to introduce you to Jim from ReviverSoft. He’s here to talk to you about Windows startup issues. But this isn’t any ordinary video! It’s fully interactive. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure, you’ll be prompted to choose a path several times throughout the video, and Jim will respond to your choices.

I don’t know about you, but I learn better when someone says something out loud, with visual aids, rather than reading grey blocks of text. That’s what Jim is here for! If your PC takes too long to boot, find out how you can cut down on the number of programs that run on startup and help your PC run better and faster, regardless of your Windows operating system. You’ll be following along from your own PC as you go.

After you watch it, be sure and leave feedback. And look for more from Jim soon! Thanks!

Note: If you’d like more information about choosing the right programs to remove from startup, check out this companion blog post!

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