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All You Need to Know About Google Plus One

Google Plus One (+1) is something new from Google’s core search engine business. It’s kind of Facebook-esque in that it reminds me a lot of Facebook’s “Like” button (as in the one at the end of this article). You’ll see Google +1 buttons all over the Internet and in each search engine result in Google (after you’ve opted in). When you click on it, it will bring these items closer to the top for relevant search results for you and everyone else. People who look at your Google Profile (which you create when you sign up for any Google service) will also see the items you’ve clicked +1 on. When someone on your friends list Googles something that you’ve hit +1 on, they’ll see it that way. It’s a way for everyone to share their favorite content with each other easily, and drive meaningful content higher in Google.

Since past efforts at social media haven’t exactly worked out for Google (anyone remember Google Buzz? No?), this is a way for them to target some of that Facebook audience while not straying far from what Google does best, which is letting people Google stuff.

So far, Google Plus One (+1) is neat, but doesn’t have a whole lot of functionality. Just as Facebook’s “Like” feature has expanded in usefulness greatly, expect Google Plus One (+1) to enable additional features in Google as time goes on.

What I’d like to see is the ability to +1 your own document in Google Docs and automatically share that doc with everyone, in fewer clicks than it takes now. Or +1 one of your tracks in Google’s Music cloud app, and have it automatically recommend that track to others or even share a preview of it with them. Or how about putting a +1 button next to each bookmark in Google Chrome, to make it easy to share bookmarks with your friends, like that website Delicious used to do?

You’ll notice that there’s now a Google Plus One (+1) button on our homepage. It’s there in the lower right corner. Click on it and share your ReviverSoft love with everyone!

Psst…here’s ReviverSoft’s home on Google Plus:

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