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Clean Your PC With a Compressed Air Canister

Clean Your PC With a Compressed Air Canister
Illustration: Gordon McAlpin

It’s important to keep your PC dust-free. Removing dust keeps moving parts running, such as fans, and reduces the internal temperature of your machine by clearing air pathways.

The best way to remove dust is by using a compressed air canister. It looks like the one in the picture (minus the cape and feet).

You can pick one up at any electronics store, and it’s a sound investment. Get more than one, if you can.

Always follow the directions on the back, but in general:

  • Shut your PC down and disconnect your PC from power
  • Place the red straw-like tube into the nozzle
  • Remove the seal from the canister so that you can use it
  • At a distance of about 6 inches, spray compressed air over everything that has dust. The exterior of your desktop, the vents on the back, your monitor, your keyboard, and so on. Consider opening the case and spraying out the dust inside.

Note that the canister will get very cold to the touch after a few minutes of use. Simply discontinue use until the canister returns to room temperature, then resume cleaning.

This simple, cheap cleaning solution will get you many more usable months out of your PC. Give it a try!

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