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A New Year’s Resolution for your Computer

Illustration: Gordon McAlpin

A New Year’s Resolution for your Computer

Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. How about instead of making one for yourself, you make one for your computer? Here’s one good idea: “I resolve to get my PC working like the day I bought it.”

Now, how would you go about fulfilling that New Year’s Resolution? We’ve got just the thing: Nine Steps for Making your PC Run Like New.

The link above takes you to a comprehensive plan for getting your PC running faster and better with fewer errors. It includes the following nine steps, supplemented by interactive video blogs:

  1. Secure Your PC
  2. Uninstall Unneeded Applications
  3. Stop Programs from Running at Startup
  4. Run Windows Update
  5. Update Your Computer’s Drivers
  6. Run Disk Cleanup
  7. Uninstall Browser Add-ons
  8. Run a Windows Registry Scan
  9. Defragment Your Hard Drive

Check out the Nine Steps today, and if they’ve helped you refresh your PC and fulfilled your New Year’s Resolution, be sure and let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page!

Steve Horton

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