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The verdict is in…. People love Start Menu Reviver

Just over a week ago we released Start Menu Reviver, a brand new Start Menu for Windows 8 and Windows 7. In case you missed it, you can check out the video below that shows the product.

Since we released the product we have been completely blown away by the positive response we have received by both the press and users of the product. Thank you so much for the positive comments and useful feedback! This is just the first version of Start Menu Reviver, we strive to continue to make the product better based on the feedback we receive so please keep it coming!!!

Here is a summary of just a few of the comments we have received about Start Menu Reviver. Consider us flattered :)

“Start Menu Reviver acts as your gateway to pretty much anywhere you want to go in Windows 8 without having to fiddle with screens, tiles, or charms. It’s hard to think of a feature the menu left out, yet it manages to pull it off without feeling too cluttered. For those reasons and more, it gets my thumbs up.”

From Digital Trends
“Our nod goes to Start Menu Reviver. This new app manages to fuse support for traditional desktops and new touchscreen devices into one interface with minimal pain.”

From Laptop Mag
“…this free app does more than simply bring back the Start Menu. The utility incorporates the look and feel of the Modern UI into an intuitive, customizable interface.”

“Bottom line: Start Menu Reviver is a successful replacement for the missing start menu of Windows 8.”

From Gear Diary
“The best way to describe Start Menu Reviver is that it’s the missing link in Windows 8. It is truly the Start Menu that Windows 8 should have had from the beginning!”

From Freeware Genius
“A wonderful little Windows enhancement that combines form and function. I would recommend it, even if you don’t have Windows 8 installed.”

From Gizmo Fusion
“I feel ReviverSoft did an amazing job with their rendition of the Start Menu. If you are looking for a Start Menu for Windows 8, there is no need to look any further than Start Menu Reviver.”

From gHacks
“If you like the Metro style, then it is definitely worth a closer look.”

From Gotta Be Mobile
“Start Menu Reviver attempts to bring a little bit of the new Start Screen to the user’s Start Menu, giving the user a cohesive, customizable feel.”

From Noticias Tech
“While we wait for the update, you have to use other applications that put back the Start Menu in Windows 8, but I think Start Menu Reviver is the best option so far.”

From Instant Fundas
“It may appeal to some users who want just a touch of Metro to their Start Menu.”

From Super Downloads
“One of the strengths of the tool is that in addition to the W8, it is also compatible with W7. Thus, even those not already enjoying the new operating system can test it on an older version of Windows.”

From Techlicious
“Start Menu Reviver does a good job of meshing the Modern interface with the more familiar Desktop.”

From Snap Files
“It keeps the concept of the Start Menu alive, while merging it with the new Windows 8 environment.”

From My Drivers
“…perhaps ReviverSoft’s new Start Menu Reviver will pique your interest. This Start Menu application for Win7 systems and Win8 systems supports manual touch, but most importantly, is completely free.”

From Adrenaline
“When you press it, a menu jumps, the way we are used to since Windows 95, but with a difference: it’s received a makeover in its design, to make possible its use on touchscreen devices.”

“…offers the advantage that it is touch optimized and can also achieve a symbiosis of classic programs and Windows Store apps.”

“It’s relatively light on resources, which is good because it always runs in the background. Plus the interface is responsive, unique, and customizable.”

“Start Menu Reviver works fine after installation and also has touch capability. Even a search is integrated.”

“Highly customizable, intuitive, tactile — Start Menu Reviver is not properly the return of the classic Start Menu, but is a very successful fusion between the old and the new.”

From Addictive Tips
“So what makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd? That would be its elegant interface and a horde of features, I’d say.”

From Spicy Tricks
“Like a cherry on the top of ice cream, It has the classic Windows 7 start menu style with Metro UI.”

“Start Menu Reviver creates a stylish replacement for your Start menu and provides a touch-friendly access to application shortcuts, programs, and essential Windows settings.”

“Anyone who installs the application has the practicality of function, but without compromising the elegance of the new version of Windows, making it truly feel like part of the system.”

From Solo Download
“Firstly, the interface is very pleasant, with a view of tiles instead of icons for your favorite apps.”

From Chip Chick
“It’s nice to see a Start button download that tries to work with Windows 8, instead of against it.”

“Start Menu Reviver offers rich features compared with other alternatives, and arguably the GUI is beautiful.”

“A small wonder Windows enhancement that combines form and function.”

Once again, thank you for all the comments. It really drives us to make better software and that is what we will keep doing!

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