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Building a gaming PC on a budget? Check this out

Now I know that many people are afraid to even pull a cover off of their own computer (even though it is highly recommended you do it at least once a year to clean it), but for those of you who aren’t afraid to build their own computer, Forbes writer Jason Vangelho has written a great article on how to put together a good gaming PC on a budget of $750.

Here is a link to this article.

The desktop form factor for computers is not the popular choice it used to be, namely because so much power can now be packed into smaller devices. Desktops should not be ignored though — there are some big pluses to using a desktop. Here are just a few:

    • They are easy to clean — All you need to do is remove a couple screws and the whole cover can come off and it can be blown out with an air canister.
    • Expand-ability — Desktops give you the option to expand the hardware on your computer. You can add new hard drives, a DVD drive, a Blu-ray drive, more RAM or even add a new graphics card. If you want versatility this is the choice.
    • Price — As you can see from the above article, you have a lot of control over components when you build a desktop. You can shop around to find the best deal on each component. Building a laptop like this is next to impossible.
    • Power — These days the most powerful PCs are always desktops. The fact is that you just cannot pack in enough hardware into a laptop’s form factor to ever compete with a desktop.

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The big question comes down to how you use your computer. The main reason people do not buy a desktop anymore is because desktops are not portable. You can’t use your desktop computer on the couch or take it with you on a trip. It usually sits next to a desk in an office somewhere. If you are someone who needs to take your computer with you, then a desktop is not really for you. But if you can afford two computers, then having both a desktop and a laptop/tablet is a great combination.

So what type of computer do you have, and what is your ideal setup?

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