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When transitioning from a Mac to a PC, it helps to be aware of how a PC’s desktop works.

Modern apps in Windows 8, also known as Metro apps, offer numerous advantages and disadvantages over their standard Desktop equivalents.

Want to build a new gaming PC but don’t want to drain the bank account? Check out this article that shows you how to build a great gaming computer for under $750!

There are five principles to keep in mind when after a new computer, whether that’s a laptop, desktop, PC or Mac. Educate yourself about the five Ps.

Integrated graphics are built in to your PC’s motherboard and offer very limited memory and graphics power. Dedicated graphics are on a card that plugs in to the motheboard. There’s no reason to have to choose these days. Find out why.

Have Multiple Clocks on the Desktop

Say you have clients in different time zones, and would like to see the time there at a glance. Here’s how to add multiple clocks to your Windows desktop.

Turn your Laptop into a Desktop

There are a few simple steps to make your laptop PC function more like a desktop PC, including the use of external devices.

If you’re heading to college in the near future but haven’t yet decided on a machine, Microsoft frequently runs Free Xbox 360 offers with the purchase of a new PC.

You’d like to turn your laptop into a desktop replacement? Great! Here’s how you go about doing that, from the external monitor onward. That way, you only need one PC.

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