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.ari File Extension

Developer: Cyber Friends, Inc.
File type: Aristotle Audio File
You're here because you have a file that has a file extension ending in .ari. Files with the file extension .ari can only be launched by certain applications. It's possible that .ari files are data files rather than documents or media, which means they're not meant to be viewed at all.

what is a .ari file?

An Aristotle Audio file contains digital speech audio data that was recorded with the use of the Aristotle Audio software. The digital speech audio content of an Aristotle Audio file is integrated with audio data compression specifications that can minimize the size of the audio file without negatively affecting the sound quality of the recorded voice data stored in the Aristotle Audio file. The Aristotle Audio software also implements audio data encoding standards that are used by this application to store this speech or voice audio data in the ARI file format. Cyber Friends, Inc. developed the Aristotle Audio software with a set of integrated features for recording voice data and converting text email into audio through its online database, among other functionalities related to recording analog speech signals and transcribing recorded voice or speech audio data.

how to open a .ari file?

Launch a .ari file, or any other file on your PC, by double-clicking it. If your file associations are set up correctly, the application that's meant to open your .ari file will open it. It's possible you may need to download or purchase the correct application. It's also possible that you have the correct application on your PC, but .ari files aren't yet associated with it. In this case, when you try to open a .ari file, you can tell Windows which application is the correct one for that file. From then on, opening a  .ari file will open the correct application. Click here to fix .ari file association errors

applications that open a .ari file

Aristotle Audio

Aristotle Audio

Aristotle Audio is an audio Voice Recording, Compression and Playback software that has a voice access audio database developed by Cyber Friends Inc. It features an Audio Input Recording that lets the user record their own voice and turns it into text, users can cut, copy and paste audio the same way they do in a word processor software. These audio texts can easily be sent electronically even through email via Ari-mail which can also turn e-mails into voice mail, users can also use these audio texts in their website and pages. It also features a Search Engine for retrieving audio text files and playback. This software has the ability to Record and Save dictation, appointment and events, and can also Transcribe audio computer manuals. RFB&D books, Reference books, Books-on-Tape, Text books, Language, training and tutorial tapes and it also provides Active Feedback that is used for self-monitoring. Aristotle studio comes with The CyberAudioLibrary. It a tool that links audio texts and sound messages to the Internet, it can compress and store audio files into its secured system.

a word of warning

Be careful not to rename the extension on .ari files, or any other files. This will not change the file type. Only special conversion software can change a file from one file type to another.

what is a file extension?

A file extension is the set of three or four characters at the end of a filename; in this case, .ari. File extensions tell you what type of file it is, and tell Windows what programs can open it. Windows often associates a default program to each file extension, so that when you double-click the file, the program launches automatically. When that program is no longer on your PC, you can sometimes get an error when you try to open the associated file.

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