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.ear File Extension

Developer: Oracle
File type: Java Enterprise Archive File
You're here because you have a file that has a file extension ending in .ear. Files with the file extension .ear can only be launched by certain applications. It's possible that .ear files are data files rather than documents or media, which means they're not meant to be viewed at all.

what is a .ear file?

A Java Enterprise archive file is stored in the EAR format and is used as an executable file of a program developed using Java, particularly the Java Enterprise Edition (EE). This programming language is used to create applications that can be hosted in a Web server and accessed through supported Web browsers. Also called Web applications, an EAR file is initialized by the Web server system when a user goes to the URL where the corresponding Web app is stored, in order to display the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the Web app in the Web browser window. Files in the .ear format are just one of many other program files comprising a Java EE Web application. Apache Geronimo is a Web server system implemented with support for these Java EE Web applications, and the Oracle GlassFish Server system is also integrated with support for these .ear files and other files of a Java EE Web app. A JAR file is an executable file used by a Java Standard Edition (SE) Web application, and similar compression specifications used in a JAR file are also used in these EAR files. The Java EE Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used to create, open and view the source code stored in an .ear file and other associated files of a Java EE Web app.

how to open a .ear file?

Launch a .ear file, or any other file on your PC, by double-clicking it. If your file associations are set up correctly, the application that's meant to open your .ear file will open it. It's possible you may need to download or purchase the correct application. It's also possible that you have the correct application on your PC, but .ear files aren't yet associated with it. In this case, when you try to open a .ear file, you can tell Windows which application is the correct one for that file. From then on, opening a  .ear file will open the correct application. Click here to fix .ear file association errors

applications that open a .ear file

Oracle GlassFish Server

Oracle GlassFish Server

The Oracle Glassfish server is known as an application server developed by Oracle or Sun Microsystems and it is mainly used for the delivery of Java applications and Web services. It allows users to deliver a Java platform that is not only flexible and lightweight but also production-ready. Since this application is mainly associated and created for the development of Java applications, this can be used to open files saved in the EAR format as this format is known as Java enterprise archive file format. With the Oracle Glassfish server, users and developers have the ability to improve their productivity and make sure that the applications they are developing performs better. This software also allows the development of feature-rich applications as well as it supports highly available and scalable application clusters. With this application, users have the ability to use SSH or DCOM for administering Glassfish clusters. This software runs on Windows, MAC and Linux.
IBM WebSphere Application Server for Linux

IBM WebSphere Application Server for Linux

The IBM WebSphere Application Server for Linux presents a Java-based program server on Linux with support for open standards like Web services such as UDDI and SOAP and [J2EE] Java 2 Enterprise Edition. This application speeds up the delivery of new services and applications for businesses to offer greater user experiences through innovative programs. Its Liberty Profile feature offers a simple, lightweight application server to increase developer productivity for application workloads. The fast restart time, small size and easy usability makes this feature handy for building OSGi, mobile and Web applications. Its Network Deployment offers utilization, autonomic health and utilization management for program environments. It features improved developer experience, security, control and operations, enhanced resiliency and intelligent management. It also highlights WAS migration of version to version and tool set for migration from other application servers, tooling bundles including RAD [Rational Application Developer] and Eclipse adapters, Mobile and Web 2.0 tool set to allow enterprise programs for mobile devices. Its integrated tools include WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse, Migration Toolkit and RAD [Rational Application Developer].

a word of warning

Be careful not to rename the extension on .ear files, or any other files. This will not change the file type. Only special conversion software can change a file from one file type to another.

what is a file extension?

A file extension is the set of three or four characters at the end of a filename; in this case, .ear. File extensions tell you what type of file it is, and tell Windows what programs can open it. Windows often associates a default program to each file extension, so that when you double-click the file, the program launches automatically. When that program is no longer on your PC, you can sometimes get an error when you try to open the associated file.

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