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Developer: N/A
File type: Fractal Parameters File
You're here because you have a file that has a file extension ending in .upr. Files with the file extension .upr can only be launched by certain applications. It's possible that .upr files are data files rather than documents or media, which means they're not meant to be viewed at all.

what is a .upr file?

A fractal parameters file is categorized as a data file that is integrated with plain text formatting standards and populated with parameters required for the generation of fractal images. The content of a fractal parameters file is also implemented with data storage and compilation specifications used to store these fractal parameters files in the UPR format. Certain fractal art and mathematics applications use these fractal parameters files, and one software that uses a fractal parameters file to store fractal image generation parameters is called the Apophysis program. Another application that implements the UPR file format for saving fractal image parameters associated to the fractal images it uses is the Ultra Fractal program. A fractal parameters file is commonly implemented for the utility of flame fractals, and these fractal parameters files can be shared with other users developing a groupware collaboration project. Certain functionalities integrated into the UPR file format allow a fractal parameters file to store fractal image generation parameters and not the bitmap images themselves, mathematical rendering then becomes possible without quality loss when zoomed. Applications developed with a set of integrated features for mathematically rendering the content of a fractal parameters file can also be used to focus on a certain section of the fractal image and save it as raster graphics. These fractal parameters files are affixed with the .upr extension.

how to open a .upr file?

Launch a .upr file, or any other file on your PC, by double-clicking it. If your file associations are set up correctly, the application that's meant to open your .upr file will open it. It's possible you may need to download or purchase the correct application. It's also possible that you have the correct application on your PC, but .upr files aren't yet associated with it. In this case, when you try to open a .upr file, you can tell Windows which application is the correct one for that file. From then on, opening a  .upr file will open the correct application. Click here to fix .upr file association errors

applications that open a .upr file



Apophysis is a freeware for fractal flame editing and rendering Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. Creation of this software was pioneered by Scott Draves, who also produced an open source application written in C. Its features include editing and making fractal flames, with an editing tool that can allow users to directly revise transforms by controlling a mutations window called triangles that can apply arbitrary edits to triangles. It permits modification of locating and coloring of image, and a scripting language that has the capability to establish access to the elements of the fractal. Apophysis can create effects that are comparable to the animations displayed in Electric Sheep that are also fractal flames. Consumers are also given the option to export fractal flames to another fractal flame that will render programs like FLAM3. Apophysis developed a different version for supporting 3D support it involves ports, clones and forks.
Ultra Fractal

Ultra Fractal

Ultra Fractal is a program that allows users to create fractal art. You can build using various fractal types, color algorithm, add gradient and multiple layers. It also has a zoom in function and the ability to combine different fractals into a single image. It has various features that can be used for fractal formation including layer groups, multiple layers selection, image importation, formulas with classes, browser thumbnails, formula ratings and a lot more. It comes with unlimited deep zooming, tweak paramaters, color and transparency effects, layers masks and layer groups. It allows users to view and organize fractal files and render artwork for both printing and publishing. It can compose fractal calculations via a computer network and gives you the ability to write customized fractal formulas. This software works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and on Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. An Intel processor is required for this application to work. It can also run on Linux WINE or WMware.

a word of warning

Be careful not to rename the extension on .upr files, or any other files. This will not change the file type. Only special conversion software can change a file from one file type to another.

what is a file extension?

A file extension is the set of three or four characters at the end of a filename; in this case, .upr. File extensions tell you what type of file it is, and tell Windows what programs can open it. Windows often associates a default program to each file extension, so that when you double-click the file, the program launches automatically. When that program is no longer on your PC, you can sometimes get an error when you try to open the associated file.

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