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I want to create acp files. character to embed a software mio articulate as I can do?

2014/03/13 16:36
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I use a program called articulate storyline, which has several characters who can manipulate, it occurred to me to create my own character and see if I can use it like that and brings the program, which can be as an American guy but I succeed not mean as. I searched the archives of the characters to see extension size and other, and I stop con.acp thing I had ever heard honestly, so I can not solve my problem. I really anxious to achieve create a character and make the program use it as others think they can help me?
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2014/03/13 19:32
Hi Xaxia,

There doesn\'t seem to be an easy way of creating your own characters for Articulate Storyline.

However, I think you will find the videos below helpful:



Good luck,


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