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My music wont play i get no sound but all driver programs says my drivers are up to date

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David Hanson
2014/03/08 13:48
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my laptop is windows 8 and all and my computer is a DV7 pravillon
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2014/03/11 08:55

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Hey David, 1. On your toolbar, right click on the speaker icon 2. Choose Playback devices 3. See if there is a check next to the speaker picture 4. If not, click on the speaker picture the highlight it. 5. Go to properties. 6. Next to device usage, select \"Use this device (enable) 7.choose apply and ok to all open windows. 8. Restart your computer. This should do the trick.

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2014/03/09 11:56

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Hi David, Some quick questions: - Are you having this problem only with a specific app (like a media player)? - Does the audio work when you use headphones? - Have you tried reinstalling the audio driver on your computer? James

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