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StrongVPN connection very slow and doesn't connect to watch my favourite TV shows. I bought it 1 month ago

Asked by
Warren Avila
2018/11/25 03:58
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It's the Paid version which I use but still experiencing very slow internet speed. How to get a higher speed. I am open to switch to another VPN as well.
Operating System:
Windows 8.1
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/11/25 19:33
Hi Warren,

If you are having stability problems, frequent disconnects, or other undesirable behavior on your VPN connection with, here are some general trouble shooting tips.

Things to try with your VPN account:

  • If you are on a PPTP VPN account with us, make sure you try all protocols such as L2TP, PPTP and SSTP (Windows 7 only).Inside your customer area we give instructions on how to setup all three. If you have tried all 3 protocols then try a OpenVPN account and the suggestions below for that.
  • If you are on a OpenVPN account with us, there are many possible configurations and these changes can have a positive effect.
    • Change Protocol from UDP to TCP (Default is UDP) Here is the instructions on how to do that in the customer area:
    • Change the Port from the customer area - You can try changing the port. This is usually what is needed when your Internet Service Provider starts throttling a particular port for suspected VPN traffic.
    • On the OpenVPN software side try a different version. Sometimes the latest version does not work as well as an older one. For those of you on a PC you can try this older version here
  • Try a different location - StrongVPN in most locations offer servers in different network locations.
    For example in the UK we have over 6 different network locations. Inside the customer area you can try speed tests on different networks we offer to see if there is any benefits. It could be that one network is better for you then another.
  • Try a different server type - StrongVPN has two different types of servers for PPTP based accounts. One is Linux based and one Windows based. The Linux based servers are able to allow Android devices to connect, but may offer some advantage for your connection issue as well. As part of the troubleshooting process you can try changing to a different server OS type from the one that you are on.

Things to do with your own personal network:

If you have any problems you should make sure you don't have a device causing a problem. Rebooting all affected devices is the first step of troubleshooting, this includes:
  • Computer
  • Hubs
  • Router
  • Modem
You should reboot everything even if you think your connection works fine without the VPN connected.
  • Try connecting your VPN account on another device on the same network, for example if you have an PPTP account and a iPhone try the account on your iPhone and see if you still have your problem. If you can connect with your iPhone. you know you have a problem with your computer.
  • Try connecting your computer directly to your modem bypassing your router, If your problem stops you know your router is causing some problem with your VPN account. Sometimes routers will have settings that can effect your connection.

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I hope this helps.



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