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Chrome is working very slow Andrew most of the times it's not responding.

Asked by
John Martin
2018/12/03 21:00
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Really difficult to watch videos on YouTube as well as play games with my friends on LAN
Operating System:
Windows 8
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/12/08 13:21
Hi John,

Try the following options to improve the page loading speed in Google Chrome:
  1. Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows
  2. Change DNS servers
  3. Clear browser history
  4. Disable browser plugins (for older versions)
  5. Check installed browser extensions
  6. Disable hardware acceleration
  7. Delete bookmarks
  8. Update Chrome version
  9. Check antivirus firewall settings
  10. Enable network predictions
  11. Close memory occupying processes
  12. Close multiple not used tabs
1. Chrome Cleanup Tool for Windows
Google has a dedicated cleanup tool to scan and remove the malware and spyware causing problem with Chrome browser. This tool is only available for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and you can download for free. Scan your PC with this tool and remove the problematic software codes to speedup Chrome.

2. DNS Resolution Problem
Before going to browser specific issues the most general issue for slow page loading is the incorrect DNS resolution. If you frequently notice the message “Resolving host..” on your browser’s status bar then changing to public DNS might help in fixing it.
Open the site in another browser like Firefox, IE or Safari and check the site loading speed. If it loads slow in all the browsers then the possible cause here could be your DNS settings.

3. Clear Browser History
Over the period of time there will be lots of unnecessary history files accumulated slowing down the browser’s performance. Open the URL command “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” in the address bar to see “Clear browsing data” popup.
Clear Browsing Data in ChromeClear Browsing Data in Chrome
Go to “Advanced” tab and choose “All time” from the dropdown to clear the browsing history from the beginning of browser installation. Click on the “Clear data” button to delete all those browser files which may be causing the slowness.
4. Disable plugin
Plugins are additional external applications that help to enhance the functions of Chrome browser. There are many possibilities that one of the installed plugins may affect the speed of the Chrome. The easy way to check this is to open the page in incognito mode, if it loads faster then the cause here could be the plugins, extensions or browser cache. You can view the installed plugins using the URL “chrome://plugins/” as below:
Disabling Chrome PluginsI hope this helps.


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