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Enter the BIOS

Enter the BIOS
This is where you control functions independent of Windows.

BIOS, which stands for Basic Input/Output System, is a small programmable area of your PC accessible by you. The BIOS is where you adjust things that can’t be adjusted from Windows, like:

  • Boot from the CD/DVD drive or a USB or secondary drive
  • Turn on virtualization so you can use Windows XP Mode within Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
  • Disable PC components that are acting up
  • Set the system clock

And several other functions. It’s useful for even a beginning PC user to know about the BIOS.

Entering the BIOS is a bit tricky, because it requires you to hit a specific key on the keyboard after starting up and before the Windows logo appears. The key is usually F2 or DEL, but googling “PC Model Name BIOS” where model name is the model of your PC will help you determine which key it is. When you know the key, restart your PC and hit that key to enter the BIOS.

When you’ve changed the settings you need to change (and be sure you know what you’re doing), save and quit, and your PC will restart again with these settings in place.

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