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Bring Back Aero Snap to Windows 8

Click Enable Windows 8 Snap Feature to turn it on.

Aero Snap was a really handy feature in Windows 7 that let you instantly snap windows to half the screen or the entire screen by dragging them to the appropriate side or corner of the desktop. Also, you could snap windows to the left or right half of the screen by pressing Windows + Left Arrow or Windows + Right Arrow, respectively.

Snap has been disabled in Windows 8, for some reason, but there’s an easy way to bring it back.

Download the Windows 8 Snap Enabler application.

You’ll also need to download WinRAR to expand the application. (Windows 8 doesn’t handle RAR files natively, just ZIP files.)

Install WinRAR, then expand and open the Windows 8 Snap Enabler, then click Enable Windows 8 Snap Feature. This app makes a couple changes to your Windows 8 registry in order to re-enable the snap feature you know and love from Windows 7. If you’d like to turn off Snap, click Disable Windows 8 Snap Feature.

Note that this app works as of the Enterprise Evaluation version of Windows 8. If by some chance it doesn’t work when Windows 8 is released in October 2012, we will be sure and let you know.

Steve Horton

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