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How to bring back the Start Menu in Windows 8

Windows 8 is a dramatically different Operating System than Windows 7 or any previous version of Windows. This is mainly because Microsoft has tried to adapt Windows 8 to work with many different types of devices ranging from tablets to desktop PCs. One of the major changes in Windows 8 is the removal of the Start Button and Start Menu in favor of the new Start Screen. People familiar with the previous Start Menu may find this difficult to adapt to and may miss having the old Start Menu as the way to navigate around Windows. Watch the video below to learn how to get back the Start Menu in Windows 8.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys! Mark here from ReviverSoft. Today, I’m going to teach you how to get back the Start menu in Windows 8. Now, the Start menu is something that has been in Windows for quite some time, almost 15 years and in Windows 8, Microsoft decided to remove it, in favor of the Start screen.

For those people who aren’t familiar with the Start screen, this is it here. It is quite different. It works extremely well with touch, but for people who don’t have a touch screen, or are using a traditional computer, it is quite a change from what you are used to using. A lot of people are looking to stop using the Start screen or to add something else other than the Start screen that is more familiar to what they’ve been using in previous versions of Windows and are looking to get the Start menu back.

The good news is that we have developed a Start menu called Start Menu Reviver. It is completely free. We did it just because we wanted to help people using Windows 8 love Windows 8 more and I am going to show you how to install it today and use it on your Windows 8 computer, to make it work. If you go to the home page of, you’ll see here we have an advertisement for the Start Menu Reviver. You can click on this and it will take you to the Start Menu Reviver page and there is a great video, if you want to watch it later, on the product.

To download it, you just click on the Download button and it will begin downloading. It is quite small. It is only 5 MB. Once it is finished downloading, all you need to do is to open it. It will finish downloading in just a minute. You just need to open up the file once it’s downloaded, go to start menu reviver setup.exe and you’ll get a security warning, just administrative privileges, select your language and go through the installer here, the license agreement for the product and you choose where you want to install it and go through the process of installing.

It’s quite a quick process. It’s very easy. You don’t need to restart your computer. The product will just start up once it is finished installing and here you have it. This is quite a different Start menu than what some people are used to, but we’ve done it in this way just because we really wanted to make it work with the variety of different computers that Windows 8 is being sold on, and that is including computers that have touch screens. We’ve built our product Start Menu Reviver with tiles, so it’s quite easy to make it work with your finger, but also with a mouse and keyboard.

When you first install it, we have this short little window that comes up that teaches you how to use the product. There are some great videos that you can use to show you how to use it. If you do not wish to see these tutorials every time you start the product, you can uncheck this box and then click Close. Then, there you have it. The Start button is back in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. If you click it, you open the Start menu. Here, we’ve populated the menu with a number of different things that we know people use frequently, such as Skype and Mail and Calendar. There is also a control panel here, so you can get easy, quick access to your control panel.

Then, for getting access to all of the other applications on your computer, all you need to do is move your cursor to the edge of the display of the product and you have a list of all other applications that you have installed on your computer. These are just your desktop applications. If you want to look at Windows 8 applications, you can select Modern Applications and here you go. Here’s all the modern applications that come with Windows 8. If you’d like any of these applications to be added to the Start menu into one of these tiles, all you need to do is pick it up here and just drag it in.
It’s a really customizable Start menu. We think you’ll really like it. There’s some other videos that we have that really explain it further, how to use it, but it’s great to make a Start menu that is entirely personalize-able. You can put in whatever applications you want. You can make the tiles move. You can really change it to however you wish to use your Start menu.

We hope you guys like that. We really hope it makes you like Windows 8 more, because we think it’s a fantastic operating system. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments below. We hope to see you in a future ReviverSoft video.

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