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A Guide to the AGP INVALID ACCESS Blue Screen of Death Error

The “AGP INVALID ACCESS” BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error may appear when the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or visual processing unit that accelerates the creation of images has performed an unauthorized manipulation or alteration in the AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) memory. It is an indication of a bug or problem with the installed video driver, or outdated BIOS (Basic Input / Output System). In most instances of this BSOD error, the installed video driver is not tested properly, or is unsigned.

This BSOD error or Windows Stop message results in the loss of unsaved documents, and calls for the user to reboot the system. If a new device has been installed prior to the appearance of the BSOD error, removing this device usually resolves the issue.

This BSOD error is also known as “AGP_INVALID_ACCESS” and “Windows STOP 0x00000104“ that advises the user that the system has detected an invalid AGP memory access.

The “AGP INVALID ACCESS” BSOD error is always related to a video device or the installed device driver. To fix this BSOD error, you have to check for compatibility issues between the video device, driver, and video adapter. You can do this by checking the hardware model and the information provided in the official sites for these devices. You can also check the download sites for Nvidia and Intel video drivers for the compatible version of the driver. You can update the driver, or install the version that is compatible with the system and the installed devices.

It is also possible that the BSOD error is due to a faulty hardware, which you can verify by using hardware diagnostic software.

If the BSOD error is due to outdated BIOS, check with the manufacturer of your computer to obtain the latest system BIOS version. If the problem persists after updating the BIOS, the BSOD error may be due to parameter settings that result to the overclocking of the CPU and memory settings.

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