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The great reviewers over at PCWorld have reviewed four driver update applications side by side, and our Driver Reviver was named as a utility you can count on.

How to Revive an Old PC – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our five-part series about reviving an old PC.

I’ve worked in the videogame and software development industry for 17 years now, and have been working with “high-end” computers in layout and graphics production for 5 years prior to that. This, in a nutshell, makes me the person that friends, in-laws, my kids’ teachers and random people ask about “How to fix their computer.”

How to Revive an Old PC – Part 1

Welcome to a five-part blog series, all about reviving an old PC! We’re going to take you through all the steps, from inspecting the inside and outside of the machine, installing diagnostic apps, running Windows Update and Driver Reviver, purchasing upgrades, installing them, and an optional last step: installing an alternative operating system.

Be honest: when you talk about upgrading your gaming PC, you’re just trying to justify a new video card purchase. We’ve all seen those sexy vid card ads in the magazines, and we all want them. You’re not a special snowflake in that regard. But new vid cards, for all of their beauty and majesty, usually only give you incrementally faster performance over the older models.

You may have heard that Adobe is ending flash support for mobile devices in favor of HTML5.

Cycle Through The Same App

There’s an easy shortcut if you’d like to cycle through windows of the same application. It’s especially useful in an app that doesn’t use tabs.

Our most recent version of Driver Reviver was just reviewed positively by one of our favorite sites, PCWorld, in their Downloads section. Here’s some great quotes from the review.

Joli OS – A Great Alternative to Windows

If you’ve got a PC that’s ten years old or more, Windows Vista or 7 won’t run on it, and Windows XP just isn’t a modern operating system. Luckily, there’s an alternative OS out there designed for really old PCs, netbooks, student PCs, and so on.

Share Files Between PCs

Multiple PCs on the same network, all running Windows Vista or Windows 7, can share files between them easily. Here’s how you set that up.

April, 2014. Seems like a long way off, doesn’t it? That’s the date that Microsoft will officially end support for Windows XP. If there are any security issues, driver revisions, or bug fixes that need to be made to XP after that point, too bad — Microsoft will have moved on by then. This will render XP unsafe and, eventually, unusable for the majority of PC users.

Today’s PCs are more powerful than ever, but we’re increasingly using them for more and more. If you’re serious about gaming, everyday wear and tear on your PC could be wreaking havoc on your rig. What might have been a top-of-the-line gaming powerhouse a year ago could be sucking wind like a plumber running up the stairs today if you’re not taking care of it properly.

Install Windows 7 to a Netbook

Netbooks, being inexpensive laptops, don’t have optical drives. But sometimes you’d like to install Windows 7 to one. Here’s how you do that.

There are free, web-based alternatives out there to expensive desktop software. Learn about Google Docs and more in this clickable, interactive video.

It’s been almost two years since the release of Windows 7. So how widespread is Windows 7, what is it doing for businesses that adopt it, and how has it grown compared to other OSes? Check out this new infographic for more on this fascinating subject.

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