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So, you’ve probably heard about this Windows 8 thing. Today, Microsoft released what’s called the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. In other words, a beta, or early version. It’s not the first one they’ve done — they did a beta for developers last year — but this edition of Windows 8 is far more complete and less crash-prone.

Open Newer Office Files in Older Versions

Newer versions of Microsoft Office save files in .DOCX or .XLSX format, and these files are difficult to open in older versions. Here’s how to fix that.

Burn a CD or DVD

Windows 7 has built in disc-burning software. Find out how to burn a CD or DVD in Windows 7.

Open a PDF

PDFs, or portable document files, require special software to open in Windows. Here’s how to open these important documents.

Restore File Extensions for All File Types

Windows hides file extensions from you on a fresh install of any version of Windows. There are many situations where you’d like to know them. Here’s how.

How Do I Secure My PC? (Video Guide)

It’s important to have the latest antivirus and antimalware applications installed. In this interactive video, learn how to secure your PC against unwanted threats.

Windows Update Fails to Update

Windows Update can sometimes fail. Here’s how to get the update running again on your PC so you can be sure and have the latest version of Windows.

Integrated graphics are built in to your PC’s motherboard and offer very limited memory and graphics power. Dedicated graphics are on a card that plugs in to the motheboard. There’s no reason to have to choose these days. Find out why.

Search Google from the Start Menu

There’s a neat trick for adding Google searches directly to the Windows 7 Start Menu. Check it out and add it to your Start Menu now.

Shake Away Unused Windows

In Windows Vista or 7, click and hold the mouse button at the top of the window. (If you’ve got a bunch of tabs open in your browser, there’s space between the tabs and the minimize icon.) Got the mouse button held down? Good. Now shake the mouse back and forth.

Have Multiple Clocks on the Desktop

Say you have clients in different time zones, and would like to see the time there at a glance. Here’s how to add multiple clocks to your Windows desktop.

Add Quick Searches to Google Chrome

There’s an easy way to search different sites with the use of one letter followed by a colon in Google Chrome. Here’s how to set that up.

How to Revive an Old PC – Part 5

So you’ve chosen to upgrade only a little or not at all, or you’ve chosen inexpensive upgrades. You don’t have an extra copy of Windows and a license code, and don’t wish to spend the money obtaining one.

How to Revive an Old PC – Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of our five-part series about reviving an old PC.

Back Up Your Important Data

Windows includes a built-in utility called Backup and Restore that allows you to back up important files from your PC to another location.

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