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My Computer Keeps Freezing. How do I Fix it?

We haven’t run into many people who have been able to say that they have never experienced a computer freeze up on them. So why do computers lock up?

How to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems

A basic troubleshooting guide for Internet connection problems
Have you been unable to connect to the Internet? Well, let’s take a look at the possible causes and show you how to troubleshoot them.

How long has it been since you have run a defrag of your hard drive? Typically running a defrag is overlooked or forgotten about by most people but the process is very important and can really help the overall health of your PC.

How to Uninstall Programs and Clean up your PC

So you have an application, such as software or a game, that needs to be removed from your PC?  Well, don’t just delete the application folder; learn to safely uninstall the same without affecting your computer of related software components.

These days, with an increasing number of software and tweaks available for Windows,the chances of something going wrong with your computer are higher than ever.

How to Avoid Phishing Scams on the Internet

What is phishing?  No, it’s not a typo, and it’s not a word to describe jamming out on your guitar for hours.  Phishing is a type of deception used by criminals to fraudulently gain information, most often in the form of passwords or login information.  Phishing can also lead to malicious programs infecting your computer.  Phishing attacks typically come in the form of messages or links that are presented to be something that they are not.  These can be anything from a malicious link sent to you via email, to a dummy website that mimics a legitimate site to trick you into keying in your login details.

There are many reasons that people’s computers get slow over time. One of the major reasons for a slow PC is the collection of files and history that comes with using the computer for so long. Quite often there are reasons for this data to be stored, for example, file history and backups are used in case you need to recover a document after a computer or program crash.

When looking for ways to increase performance on your computer, the most commonly overlooked aspect is that of physical maintenance.

How to Create a Secure Password to Use Online

Everyone has their own way of thinking up their own passwords; pet names, place of birth, their maiden name, the word ‘password’, abc123. The problem is that these passwords are too easy to guess and if someone knows you well they are even easier to guess (I don’t even know you, and I bet I guessed at least a couple people’s passwords above).

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