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The command prompt, also known as the DOS Box, allows you to enter commands otherwise not easily accessible through Windows. Learn about 10 important ones.

Updating the BIOS on a Windows PC

The BIOS is the basic instruction set of your PC, and it can need updated occasionally to better handle new hardware and new versions of Windows. Learn how here.

Updating Firmware and Why It’s Important

Updating firmware ensures that your hardware, such as a router or iPhone, is always updated to the latest version. This fixes bugs and improves security.

Use the Task Manager in Windows 7

The Task Manager (found by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc) is where you manage applications and processes and check on CPU and memory usage. Learn more here.

This Blue Screen of Death infographic explains all about this very common error message in Windows.

What is a Blue Screen of Death?

When your PC freezes up and displays a blue screen full of error information, this is a Blue Screen of Death or BSoD. It’s important to know more about them.

Multimedia on your Windows PC is handled by a set of interfaces called DirectX. Here’s what all that means, and how it relates to your PC and Windows 8.

Enter the BIOS

The BIOS is a small programmable area of your PC. There are times when you need to get in there to adjust a setting, and here’s how to do that.

Top 5 Hidden Features in Windows 7


UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP is a Blue Screen of Death error resulting from a hardware failure or conflict. Here’s how to fix it.

Essential Tips for Windows XP Users

As you may recall, we ran an article recently about why we think you should stop using Windows XP and upgrade to Windows 7. Well, here’s the flipside of that argument.

Disk Cleanup is a utility included with Windows that removes temporary and other unnecessary files. Learn how to use it in this interactive video.

Shake Away Unused Windows

In Windows Vista or 7, click and hold the mouse button at the top of the window. (If you’ve got a bunch of tabs open in your browser, there’s space between the tabs and the minimize icon.) Got the mouse button held down? Good. Now shake the mouse back and forth.

Have Multiple Clocks on the Desktop

Say you have clients in different time zones, and would like to see the time there at a glance. Here’s how to add multiple clocks to your Windows desktop.

How to Revive an Old PC – Part 5

So you’ve chosen to upgrade only a little or not at all, or you’ve chosen inexpensive upgrades. You don’t have an extra copy of Windows and a license code, and don’t wish to spend the money obtaining one.

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