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Kehittäjä: N/A
Tiedostotyyppi: Hypertext Markup Language File
Olet täällä, koska sinulla on tiedosto, joka on tiedostopääte päättyy .html. Tiedostot, joiden tiedostopääte .html voidaan laukaista ainoastaan ​​tietyissä sovelluksissa. On mahdollista, että .html tiedostot ovat tiedostoja sijaan asiakirjoja tai media, mikä tarkoittaa he ole tarkoitettu katsottavaksi ollenkaan.

mikä on .html tiedoston?

HTML tulee sanoista Hypertext Markup Language, ja näitä HTML-tiedostot ovat useimmiten toteutettu staattisia sivuja sivustoja. HTML voidaan sisällyttää tiettyjä muotoilumääritteet ja ulkoasu tekniset osaksi sisältöä näillä sivuilla. On olemassa paljon sovelluksia, jotka voidaan luoda ja muokata näitä HTML-tiedostoja, ja monet selaimet voidaan avata ja katsella sisältöä tiedostoja .html -muodossa. HTML koodit osaksi nämä Html tiedostot jäsentää selaimissa, mikä tarkoittaa se on piilossa katsojilta. Muistioon voidaan luoda HTML-tiedostoja ja myös avata ja katsella sen lähdekoodi.

miten avata .html tiedoston?

Launch .html tiedosto tai jokin muu tiedosto tietokoneeseen, kaksoisnapsauttamalla sitä. Jos tiedosto yhdistykset perustettu oikein, sovellus, joka on tarkoitus avata .html tiedosto avaa se. On mahdollista, et ehkä ladata tai ostaa oikean soveltamisen. On myös mahdollista, että sinulla on oikea sovellus tietokoneeseen, mutta .html tiedostoja ei vielä liittyy siihen. Tässä tapauksessa, kun yrität avata .html tiedoston, voit kertoa Windows mikä sovellus on oikea kyseisen tiedoston. Siitä lähtien, avaamalla .html tiedosto avautuu oikean soveltamisen. Klikkaa tästä vahvistaa Html-tiedosto yhdistys virheitä

sovelluksia, jotka avaavat .html tiedosto

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer or most commonly known as Internet Explorer was developed by Microsoft in 1995. It is a graphical web browser which is included as part of the different versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is one of the commonly used browsers of most Windows users. Since its first release in 1995, different versions have come out, the latest one being the Internet Explorer 10. It was designed in order to give its users the capability of viewing large range of web pages and at the same time be able to give its users features that can be used within the operating system that is installed on their computer which includes Microsoft Update. It uses the same accessibility framework which was also provided in computers that run Windows. It is also known as an interface being used when running FTP.
Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source Web browser created for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux, harmonized by Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. Firefox utilizes the Gecko layout engine to provide Web pages, which implements present and projected Web standards. The Multiple Network Graphic is stored in files with MNG format and is attach with MNG file extension and is utilized as format for graphic images animation. These are normally categorized as raster image files that symbolized PNG for Web animation. These files substituted GIF animations and make use of either lousy or lossless data compression, having the basic structure and portion as the PNG format but with a extra compound signature and larger range of portions used for animation. They contain bitmap indexed colors works in animations, slide shows, or complex still frames, composed of multiple PNG or JPEG Network Graphic (JNG) single-image data streams like PNG. The first version MNG 1.0 was introduced on Jan 31, 2001 and some of its known supporters are Gwenview, Mozilla, Netscape, Sony Ericsson and Sphere game engine.
Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser that was developed by Google and is being offered for free. Webkit rendering engine is being used in order to display different web pages. It allows its users to have the capability of creating shortcuts on their desktops which has the ability to launch different web applications using the browser. Users have the ability of installing different themes for Google Chrome which can be done by accessing option. Google Chrome was released in three different channels which are the Beta, Developer and Stable. A beta version was released for Android which allows its users to synchronize this with the ones that they have on their desktop in order for them to have the same browser tabs as well as bookmarks together with hardware acceleration and page pre-rendering. An iOS version was also released for Apple devices.
Apple Safari

Apple Safari

Apple Safari is a type of Web browser that is integrated on most Mac computers, particularly those with operating systems Mac OS X and iOS. However, there is also a version of this Web browser found in later versions of Microsoft Windows, which are Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Many features are found and designed on Safari, which include the following: a resizable Web search box using Yahoo!, Google or Bing, bookmark management and integration with Address book, inbuilt password management using Keychain, bookmark search with history, expandable text boxes, option to save webpage clips that are viewable on Apple Dashboard, auto-fill of Web forms, support for ICC color profile, PDF viewing, integration of iPhoto, private browsing, popup ad blocking tool, Quartz style font smoothing, spelling checker, Web feeds reading and subscription, mail integration, and support for CSS animation and CSS 3 Web fonts. Among the newest and improved features are Smart Search field, iCloud tabs, tab view and sharing of photos or posting of status to Facebook or Mail.
Microsoft Notepad

Microsoft Notepad

Notepad is a basic text editor used to create plain documents. It is commonly used to view or edit text (.txt) files, and a simple tool for creating Web pages, and supports only the basic formatting in HTML documents. It also has a simple built-in logging function. Each time a file that initializes with .log is opened, the program inserts a text timestamp on the last line of the file. It accepts text from the Windows clipboard. This is helpful in stripping embedded font type and style codes from formatted text, such as when copying text from a Web page and pasting into an email message or other “What You See Is What You Get” text editor. The formatted text is temporarily pasted into Notepad, and then immediately copied again in stripped format to be pasted into the other program. Simple text editors like Notepad may be utilized to change text with markup, such as HTML. Early versions of Notepad offered only the most basic functions, such as finding text. Newer versions of Windows include an updated version of Notepad with a search and replace function (Ctrl + H), as well as Ctrl + F for search and similar keyboard shortcuts. It makes use of a built-in window class named edit. In older versions such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows 3.1, there is a 64k limit on the size of the file being edited, an operating system limit of the EDIT class.

Varoituksen sana

Varo nimetä laajennus .html tiedostoja tai muita tiedostoja. Tämä ei muuta tiedostotyyppiä. Ainoa erityinen muuntaminen ohjelmisto voi muuttaa tiedoston yhdestä tiedostotyypin toiseen.

mikä on tiedostopääte?

Tiedostopääte on asetettu kolmen tai neljän merkin lopussa tiedostonimi, tässä tapauksessa, .html. Tiedostopäätteet kertoa minkälainen tiedosto on kyseessä, ja kertoa Windows mitä ohjelmia voi avata sen. Windows usein liittää oletuksena ohjelmaa jokaiselle tiedostopääte, niin että kun kaksoisnapsauttamalla tiedostoa, ohjelma käynnistyy automaattisesti. Kun kyseinen ohjelma ei ole enää tietokoneessa, voit joskus saada virheilmoituksen, kun yrität avata liittyvää tiedostoa.

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