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.gedcom 文件扩展名

开发商: N/A
文件类型: GEDCOM Genealogy File
你在这里因为你有,有一个文件扩展名结尾的​​文件 .gedcom. 文件与文件扩展名 .gedcom 只能通过特定的应用程序推出。这有可能是 .gedcom 文件是数据文件,而不是文件或媒体,这意味着他们并不是在所有观看。

什么是一 .gedcom 文件?

.gedcom文件扩展名是用于在GEDCOM格式创建的文件,而这些通常被归类为系谱档案。 GEDCOM手段系谱数据通信,而且它是一个包含家族历史信息的格式。它主要用来记录一个人的家谱资料和他或她的家谱成员的所有相关信息。这意味着该文件的内容通常是由用户输入的,而这些数据段相关的关于该用户的亲属的某些细节。它可以用于组织和跟踪家族史,它主要用于家谱研究。这些.gedcom文件通常保存在文本格式,并且这些文件通常具有.ged延伸。打开文件与.gedcom扩展并不困难。任何操作系统可以用来打开这些文件,提供的电脑已经安装了兼容的程序,如GEDitCOM的MAC OS,祖作者和时代的Windows。可以用来打开其他应用程序.gedcom文件与Linux系统的支持来实现。这意味着,用户应安装这些程序,特别是那些有其特定的操作系统版本的支持,以便开始创建,编辑和观看这些GEDCOM文件的内容。

如何打开 .gedcom 文件?

推出 .gedcom 文件,或者你的电脑上的任何其他文件,双击它。如果你的文件关联的设置是否正确,这意味着应用程序来打开你的 .gedcom 文件将其打开。这是可能的,你可能需要下载或购买正确的应用程序。这也有可能是你有正确的应用程序在PC上,但 .gedcom 文件还没有与它相关联。在这种情况下,当您尝试打开一个 .gedcom 文件,你可以告诉Windows的应用程序是正确的该文件。从这时起,打开 .gedcom 文件将打开正确的应用程序。 点击这里修复.gedcom文件关联错误

打开一个应用程序 .gedcom 文件



GeneWeb is an open-source genealogy program with a Web interface. It can be locally installed on a standalone device or on any Web server for publishing and sharing of your genealogy information. It is a free software that supports Linux, Windows, Unix and Mac platforms. Its Web interface can be used on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. It does not create HTML pages. It features a relationship and consanguinity calculator. The relationship calculator computes family relationship between two persons sharing one or more common ancestors. It shows lines from the two persons to common ancestors and relationship type: cousin, once-removed, twice-removed, etc. Consanguinity rare for siblings is 25%, first cousins is 6.25%, and so on. This will help in the understanding of inbreeding in families. GeneWeb’s multilingual interface has translations in German, Danish, English, French, Finnish, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Swedish. You may edit the translations, and you can translate the interface into your own language. When you make searches of names, GeneWeb will find spelling variations of the name you are looking for. The variation could be a name’s version in another origin like country, e.g. Maria to Mary, Juan to John, etc. A woman’s name can be searched with her maiden name or married name. You can search noble individuals by title and year range. You have options for your data privacy. The Wizard Access Right gives your family and friend access to your data and allows them to edit it. The Friend Access Right allows them to view your data but not to edit it. You can also control who can view living individuals in your family tree. You may allow everyone to view, or you can just allow “Wizard” and “Friend” only. You can change your background color and image, text color and your default language. You can add information on secondary pages about a friend, event or place and link them to the member/s in your family tree. You can add pictures to your tree. You will have updates of latest and upcoming birthdays and last ten deaths. Wizard and Friend can view them. GeneWeb imports and exports genealogy data in GEDCOM format.
Ancestral Author

Ancestral Author

Ancestral Author by Ancestral Softworks is a hyperlinked document creator software for genealogical data. This means the program's main function is to create hyperlinked documents with a complete structured content such as title, title page number, table of contents with chapters and sub-chapters, outline view, and source citations. The type of document this software makes is PDF which comes from a variety of inputs, which include GEDCOM files, plain text files, and even image files. PDF is a good choice of type of document for genealogical data because it is easily distributed, shared and printed anywhere, whether via the Internet or through publication using any printing devices. It is also easy to download GEDCOM files into a PDF file by simply dragging GEDCOM onto the desktop icon of this program. In addition, any output created from this program is usable for printing, Web publishing, emailing and sharing. It is compatible with all standard types of computers, namely Windows PCs, Mac computers and Linux devices.
Genbox Family History

Genbox Family History

Genbox Family History is a genealogy database, data analyzer, task organizer, report writer and chart producer. It has a flexible yet organized user interface. You can store multimedia such as pictures and data. You can organize your tasks and research materials. You can search for subsets of your data and group it at another part of the program. You can print charts in JPEG and PNG format on any printer. You can save them on Web pages. You save text documents as RTF [rich text format] or HTML so you can edit them on your own text editor or publish them on the Web. There are 5 basic chart types to choose from: Everyone, Descendant, Related, Convergent and Ancestor. Accurate relationships between any number of parents and child can be stored. You can cite multiple sources for a single fact. Each fact can be documented separately. Genbox is a researcher-oriented program providing tables for research targets, project objectives hierarchy and correspondence log.


Ages! is a Christian library software, or generally a digital library application, that uses Adobe Acrobat Reader and other standard or supported PDF readers. This means that it is a pre-requisite to install PDF reader on a computer system in order to read books from this library. This program highlights Christian books, lectures and other types of publications related to spiritual writings. Included on the library are The C H Spurgeon Collection, John Calvin Collection, and Christian Library Series. The C H Spurgeon Collection consists of more than 3,000 sermons from various speakers and Church leaders. Of course, this collection includes around 70 writings of the great Christian leader and speaker Charles H. Spurgeon from books to lectures. John Calvin Collection is another series of books and writings that contain mostly about the life of John Calvin and the doctrine “Calvinism”. Christian Library Series is one popular collection series of books as it consists of around thousands of books in 20 different volumes, both on CD, DVD and Web download. Included on the library are the Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection, John Bunyan Collection, Biblical and Church History Collection, Classic Theological Collection, Jonathan Edwards-Timothy Dwight Collection, Charles H. Spurgeon Collection, John Calvin Collection, and so much more. This software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Mac OS X (32 or 64 bit).


要小心,不要重命名扩展 .gedcom 文件,或任何其他文件。这不会更改文件类型。只有特殊的转换软件可以从一个文件类型更改一个文件到另一个。


文件扩展名是一组三个或四个字符在文件名的末尾,在这种情况下, .gedcom. 文件扩展名告诉你它是什么类型的文件,并告诉Windows哪些程序可以打开它。窗户经常关联一个默认程序的每个文件的扩展名,这样,当你双击该文件,程序会自动启动。当该程序不再是您的PC上,有时可以得到一个错误,当您试图打开相关的文件。


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