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.hal 文件扩展名

开发商: Hilgraeve Inc.
文件类型: Hyper Access Lite OS/2 data file
你在这里因为你有,有一个文件扩展名结尾的​​文件 .hal. 文件与文件扩展名 .hal 只能通过特定的应用程序推出。这有可能是 .hal 文件是数据文件,而不是文件或媒体,这意味着他们并不是在所有观看。

什么是一 .hal 文件?

文件与HAL扩展与有Hilgraeve公司的HyperAccess精简版应用程序相关联。此应用程序最初是用IBM产品推出之前,它最终包装与各种Windows操作系统。它主要是由IPX / SPX,NetBIOS的,互联网和TP / IP网络的手段,使调制解调器与计算机通讯。 HAL文件通过超级终端或HyperAccess称为HyperAccess精简版打火机副本使用。在HAL格式的文件与该应用程序相关的规定中受密码保护的主机聊天,远程访问和调用功能的支持。这些文件可以同时通过32位多通道技术配合使用CommSense功能,它能够自动调整连接速度的调制解调器和计算机之间传输。该Mortyr视频游戏和HansaWorld的企业是应用程序也使用HAL文件。该Mortyr电脑游戏是由Interplay的娱乐公司它是关于德军纳粹独裁统治期间开发的。 HAL文件由该程序利用来作为其资源档案包含游戏文件,如地图,武器模型,音效和背景音乐。 HansaWorld的企业是由HansaWorld的,用于创建企业资源规划或ERP系统,如生产计划,订单处理,库存系统,账户部件和工作成本的目的而开发的。在HAL格式文件是由该应用程序用作这是在人类可读的文本格式由表档案和文本保存在可执行格式指令脚本和源代码文件。

如何打开 .hal 文件?

推出 .hal 文件,或者你的电脑上的任何其他文件,双击它。如果你的文件关联的设置是否正确,这意味着应用程序来打开你的 .hal 文件将其打开。这是可能的,你可能需要下载或购买正确的应用程序。这也有可能是你有正确的应用程序在PC上,但 .hal 文件还没有与它相关联。在这种情况下,当您尝试打开一个 .hal 文件,你可以告诉Windows的应用程序是正确的该文件。从这时起,打开 .hal 文件将打开正确的应用程序。 点击这里修复.hal文件关联错误

打开一个应用程序 .hal 文件

HansaWorld ERP System Enterprise MAC

HansaWorld ERP System Enterprise MAC

Enterprise is an integrated business application for large and middle-size companies that features Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] architecture of accounts, stock, manufacturing, job costing and order processing. Enterprise provides an extraordinary level of interaction between its components by delivering Customer Relationship Management [CRM] such as document management, email, schedulers, graphical calendars and bulletin board in just one program. It also offers a specific set of modules for specific industries with the same interactive potential with the units of the system. It does not rely on costly interfaces for its applications in order to have the lowest total cost ownership for the mid-level. Enterprise also offers stock and logistics, WAN and mobile process, and choices for vertical solutions. It supports Oracle and MS SQL databases. It offers cloud [Internet-based] services. It also features corporate portal and Web shop. It supports various currencies and data consolidated from different companies. The software operates on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, IBM, PDAs, Nokia business phones and Mac. HansaWorld’s user interface was first developed for Apple Macintosh in 1988. It uses C++ programming language, and proprietary technology for its database design and network communication. It currently works on Mac OS X for Mac platforms.
HansaWorld ERP System Enterprise Windows

HansaWorld ERP System Enterprise Windows

Enterprise is a program developed by HansaWorld applies the principles of Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] and Customer Relationship Management [CRM] for middle-size to large companies. It features an integrated software approach by storing information in one database with interconnected parts by default eliminating the need to interface different programs to work together. It offers mobility and wide-area networking allowing you to run Enterprise from different locations- home, terminal emulations, when mobile or third party solutions. Real-time management reporting is catered by its available versions for PDAs, Nokia smart phones, tablets and iPhone. Interactive CRM is handled by a various array of functions such as making relevant records of tasks with linked notes, assistance with chasing invoices, working on the job, follow-up for suppliers and closing deals. Enterprise’s integrated workflow provides additional working guidelines such as authorizations, follow-ups, onscreen messages, SMSs or emails, highlighting exceptions that need authorization, notifying project managers on budget concerns, customer notifications for their order or shipment. Other features cover interactive verticals, international and consolidation features, business intelligence and analysis, customization, eBusiness and third-party services. Enterprise was introduced to Windows platform in 1994. Currently it works on Windows versions 2000 to XP including Windows CE. It also works on other operating systems.


要小心,不要重命名扩展 .hal 文件,或任何其他文件。这不会更改文件类型。只有特殊的转换软件可以从一个文件类型更改一个文件到另一个。


文件扩展名是一组三个或四个字符在文件名的末尾,在这种情况下, .hal. 文件扩展名告诉你它是什么类型的文件,并告诉Windows哪些程序可以打开它。窗户经常关联一个默认程序的每个文件的扩展名,这样,当你双击该文件,程序会自动启动。当该程序不再是您的PC上,有时可以得到一个错误,当您试图打开相关的文件。


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