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.fid 文件擴展名

開發商: Forensic Innovations/Microsoft/VideoLAN
文件類型: File Expander Engine Descriptions Database/Microso
你在這裡因為你有,有一個文件擴展名結尾的文件 .fid. 文件與文件擴展名 .fid 只能通過特定的應用程序推出。這有可能是 .fid 文件是數據文件,而不是文件或媒體,這意味著他們並不是在所有觀看。

什麼是一 .fid 文件?


如何打開 .fid 文件?

推出 .fid 文件,或者你的電腦上的任何其他文件,雙擊它。如果你的文件關聯的設置是否正確,這意味著應用程序來打開你的 .fid 文件將其打開。這是可能的,你可能需要下載或購買正確的應用程序。這也有可能是你有正確的應用程序在PC上,但 .fid 文件還沒有與它相關聯。在這種情況下,當您嘗試打開一個 .fid 文件,你可以告訴Windows的應用程序是正確的該文件。從這時起,打開 .fid 文件將打開正確的應用程序。 點擊這裡修復.fid文件關聯錯誤

打開一個應用程序 .fid 文件

Forensic Innovations File Expander

Forensic Innovations File Expander

File Expander Engine is a program that lets you open, explore and scrutinize the individual components in a file such as binary data, text data, database records, files stored individually inside the file, headers, footers, indexes among others. This enables applications to identify each component and explore multi-levels of information about the file or archive. The first product developed from this technology is File Expander Windows OEM API Kit. It covers 32 and 64bit Windows DLLs with VB.NET, managed C++.NET, C and C# interfaces and Red Hat Linux 32 and 64bit libraries with C-written samples. It supports 261 types of files. File Expander applies file carving, disk carving and file recovery by breaking down files into their building blocks to discover the missing blocks, and by verifying files recovered for assurance. It features electronic discovery by investigating translated, fragmented and compressed files for deleted or hidden data, and by researching digital evidence to study how files are structured. It detects Trojan, virus and worm by detecting foreign objects in a file. It enables document management text indexing by extracting the desired text and defragmenting only data parts that may contain text. It performs de-duplication backup by compressing an entire hard drive to leverage similarities among multiple files, and by comparing similar files so that it will backup only a single copy providing pointers to duplicate file locations. Files describing the files and their file contents analyzed by File Expander are formatted as FID [File Expander Enginge Descriptions Database] files. They can also be read by the program File Investigator SDK, a software that complements File Expander being created by the same developer.
Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft Windows Operating System platforms mostly used files with .ANI extension, a graphic file format used for animated mouse cursors, which are also defined as Windows Animated Cursor. These files have the same functions with CUR file format or better known as the Static Cursor; its distinction is that being an animated cursor with the use of strings of images to show animation. The format is based on the Microsoft RIFF file format, which is utilized as storage for keeping the individual frames, which are typical Windows icons of the animation. This type of file is usually integrated in a customized theme for desktop, and is helpful to personalize the CPU system. Its final animation is designed with some icon frames are utilized for showing a single image after another to generate animation. Despite of a number of frames using the icon format, part of the stored data in the animated cursor file handle the order of the step, length, title, and the author of the animation.
VideoLan VLC Media player

VideoLan VLC Media player

VideoLan VLC Media player is a multi-media player software that is considered to be an open source and cross platform multimedia player with framework. Thus, a product that can play most of the standard files of multimedia plus CDs, DVDs and VCDs. It also plays different streaming protocols, supported applications or devices and webcams. There is also the ability to play audios of various codecs even if there are no codec packs included: MPEG-2, WebM, MP3, WMV and MKV. This software works on most Windows computers, Mac OS X PCs, Linux and well as Unix. In addition, there is descryption for DVD which is executed via the libdvdcss library. It also has playback control support for all computers compatible with it using libcdio or libvcdinfo. On Mac computers, this media player can grab audios and videos from EyeTV applications and other devices that capture EyeTV data. On GNU and Linux, it supports encoding cards that are compatible with V4L2 and MPEG-2 which are Visiontech Kfir and Hauppage WinTV-PVR 250-350.


要小心,不要重命名擴展 .fid 文件,或任何其他文件。這不會更改文件類型。只有特殊的轉換軟件可以從一個文件類型更改一個文件到另一個。


文件擴展名是一組三個或四個字符在文件名的末尾,在這種情況下, .fid. 文件擴展名告訴你它是什麼類型的文件,並告訴Windows哪些程序可以打開它。窗戶經常關聯一個默認程序的每個文件的擴展名,這樣,當你雙擊該文件,程序會自動啟動。當該程序不再是您的PC上,有時可以得到一個錯誤,當您試圖打開相關的文件。


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