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Optimize iPhone Battery Life with ReviverSoft’s New App

We’re excited here at ReviverSoft to introduce our first iPhone application!

We cannot deny that the iPhone is an amazing device and this has been show by it’s rapid and continual rise in popularity around the globe. Which all it’s fantastic features and vast array of apps there is major shortfall and that is this screen:

Yep, sorry, you are out of battery. You can’t make calls, send texts, send emails or use apps. your iPhone is as good as a paper weight.

We here at ReviverSoft think that this is unacceptable as we hate it when anything dies. This is why we have created an app to help people get the most out of their iPhone battery life. Optimize iPhone battery life with ReviverSoft’s new iPhone Battery Optimizer app.

The iPhone Battery Optimizer helps you understand how much time left you have at your current charge depending on how you want to use your iPhone. We give you an estimated time left on standby, for web browsing, for listening to music, for watching movies and for talking on the phone.

This is hugely helpful for iPhone users, especially those users who have a first generation iPhone or an iPhone 3G where they can’t even find out their percentage battery charge on their iPhone.

Optimizer also takes it one step further. Optimizer provides you with tips to help you get the most out of your iPhone battery life and also give you a checklist that you can use so that you can remember all the tips that you have already activated making it the ultimate iPhone battery management tool.

The app is available here from the App store or directly from the App Store on your iPhone. Just search for ‘Optimizer’

We really hope you all like the app and as always we encourage you to give us as much feedback as possible about it and if there are any new features you would like to see then also let us know.

The ReviverSoft team

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Free Driver Updates

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