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Add Quick Searches to Google Chrome

If you’d like to quickly search your favorite sites, and even search the current site using Google Chrome, here’s how.

Add Quick Searches to Google Chrome
Illustration: Gordon McAlpin
  • Click the Wrench icon in the upper right
  • Click Options
  • Click Manage Search Engines…
  • Under Other Search Engines, you’ll find a list populated with all the sites you’ve visited that have search functions. In the middle text box for each, erase the URL and type one letter or a few letters. For example, for, type a in the middle column.
  • Then, under Add a New Search Engine, enter Current Site in the first column, cs in the second column, and paste this code in the third column:


Now, up in the URL text box at the top of your Chrome window, press one of your shortcut keys you just made and press Space. Then, enter a search, and Chrome will automatically search that site. Often, this Google-powered search is better and more feature-rich than the search built in to the site itself! Remember, cs and Space will do a Google search of the current site. Awesome.

Thanks to reader Jay M. for suggesting this tip!

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