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A Guide to the AGP GART CORRUPTION Blue Screen of Death Error

The “AGP GART CORRUPTION” BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error is an abrupt shutdown of the computer that results from a bug or an improper memory access by the device driver that utilizes the Direct Memory Access (DMA). This BSOD error means that the GART (Graphics Apperture Remapping Table) has been corrupted, resulting in the shutdown of the computer to prevent data loss.

This BSOD error is often due to incompatibilities with installed device drivers and malfunctioning hardware, particularly recently installed devices before the error occurred.

This BSOD error is also known as “AGP_GART_CORRUPTION” and “Windows STOP 0x00000105“.

To fix the “AGP GART CORRUPTION” BSOD error, check the computer for drivers that are not authenticated, or are unsigned. You can identify unsigned drivers by using the process Enable Driver Verifier, and then individually removing these from the computer. If the driver is needed for an installed device, locate an updated and signed version from the official download site of the supplier. Older versions of drivers, particularly for chipsets and video cards, are often the cause of BSOD errors.

Alternatively, you can enter the Safe Mode and uninstall the latest installed driver, which is most probably the cause of the BSOD error. You can do this in Windows 7 and Vista by progressively clicking on Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features, and then clicking on the suspect driver and selecting Uninstall from the menu. In Windows XP, choose the Add or Remove Programs tab from the Control Panel, select the driver, and then click Remove.
Installing the latest updates and patches for the operating system can also help in resolving this issue. You can open the Windows Update tab in your Internet Browser, and install these updates by following the prompts and instructions.

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