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A Guide to the CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION Blue Screen error in Windows 8.1


STOP Code: 0x00000109

This is a new Blue Screen that has popped up with Windows 8.1. It was technically possible to get this error before now, but it was exceptionally rare.

CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION often pops up when using emulation software.

Critical Structure Corruption means that the kernel, or core of your operating system, has found critical corruption in itself or data associated with it. It often appears when you run emulation software within Windows. That is, you’re attempting to run another OS on top of Windows in a virtual environment.

Android Emulation

This error can happen when running an Android emulator in Windows 8.1. For example, when working on development for Android applications, it helps to be able to run the Android app on your PC and see how it operates. This particular error has to do with Intel’s Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager, or HAXM, a utility that aids in Android virtualization. This utility had issues with working correctly in Windows 8.1.

The solution for this error is to download a hotfix directly from Intel. This eliminates the error and allows you to proceed with Android development normally.


This error can also appear when running MacDrive in Windows 8.1. MacDrive is an app that allows you to plug in a Mac hard drive to your PC and read/write to it. There are compatibility issues with MacDrive and Windows 8.1 that will generate this error every time. The only solution at this point is to uninstall MacDrive and find another app that does the same thing.

If neither of these approaches fixes your issue, try updating all your drivers with Driver Reviver, and also try a Refresh in Windows 8.1. Here is more detailed information from Microsoft about this issue. Please leave a comment here if you continue to have issues. Good luck!

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Free Driver Updates

Update your drivers in less than 2 minutes to enjoy better

PC performance - Free.

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