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My day watching Windows Weekly

Yesterday I had the privilege of driving up to Petaluma to watch the live broadcast of Windows Weekly. It was a great experience and I thought I would share some highlights from the day with you all. Below is a link to the actual episode of the show:


Arriving at the TWiT office on a beautiful day in Petaluma!

Here is the team filming the show

Watching the show live was a lot fun. The group of people who came to watch were friendly and were all very enthusiastic about Windows. I even got to make a few appearances on the show. If you fast forward to 1:36 you’ll get to see me present some beer to Mary Jo (Coopers Pale Ale for those interested – A very popular South Australian beer). And if you fast forward to 2:06.55 you will get to see me ask a question to the team about Modern App usage in Windows 8.

Here I am getting a photo opportunity with Leo Laporte

The TWiT team did a fantastic job organizing the event and even supplied us with a bunch of different beers and plenty of food.

After the filming Leo Laporte offered to show attendees how TWiT works. He took us for a ‘basement tour’ to see all the back end infrastructure for the broadcast. It was impressive to say the least! These guys are really well set up for what they do and I doubt that any other internet broadcaster is able to handle live streaming like they do. Here are a few pictures of the tour.

One of the best things about taking the tour was to see Leo’s excitement and passion for what he does. He really is the genuine article.

The day finished off with a group dinner at a local restaurant. It was a good opportunity to get to know some of the attendees a bit better. People traveled some significant distances to come and watch the show and it was great to hear their stories. It was also good to hear more from Leo, Paul and Mary Jo about the history of the show and TWiT.


Anyway, just wanted to share this for any ReviverSoft followers who might be interested in my ‘Geek Out’ session :)

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