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Many older printers stubbornly refuse to work out of the box in Windows 8. Here are some workarounds and solutions to get your printer running.

Running a Windows app in compatibility mode can fix many crashes, glitches and other issues when running that app. Here’s how compatibility mode works.

The CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Blue Screen of Death error can be pinpointed to your central processing unit, or CPU. Here are some steps you can take.

Migrate Data Out of Cloud Services

Everyone stores their documents, media and photos in the cloud. This can carry some security risks. Learn how to get your stuff off the cloud.

Speed Up Your Network Using TCP Optimizer

TCP Optimizer is a great free app that streamlines your wired or wireless Internet connection so that it’s faster and more reliable. Learn about it here.

The CACHE_MANAGER Blue Screen of Death error is usually caused by faulty drivers or memory. Here’s how to fix the problem with either approach.

Fixing Momentary PC Freezing Problems

If you’re experiencing regular, but brief, PC freezes throughout your working day, there are several things that could be the culprit. We can help.

The command prompt, also known as the DOS Box, allows you to enter commands otherwise not easily accessible through Windows. Learn about 10 important ones.

The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Blue Screen of Death error has to do with outdated drivers, especially in graphics cards. Find out how to update them here.

A New Year’s Resolution for your Computer

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions. But how about making one for your PC instead? Find out how to get your PC running like new.

Updating the BIOS on a Windows PC

The BIOS is the basic instruction set of your PC, and it can need updated occasionally to better handle new hardware and new versions of Windows. Learn how here.

A PC’s power supply unit, or PSU, can often not keep up with upgrades to other areas of your PC. If your PC freezes or overheats, this may be why.

The HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error happens when using a Virtual Machine to run Windows 8 inside of Windows 7. Only certain apps are capable of doing this.

Updating Firmware and Why It’s Important

Updating firmware ensures that your hardware, such as a router or iPhone, is always updated to the latest version. This fixes bugs and improves security.

Nothing like the holiday spirit. Why not get your PC in the mood for the holidays as well? Here are some great ways to transform the look and feel of Windows for the holidays, with these windows holiday themes. Even Santa Claus wants a holiday theme on his PC. WINDOWS HOLIDAY WALLPAPER The quickest and easiest way to bring the Christmas spirit to you PC is to get a Christmas wall paper. There are a number of places online but if you don’t feel like searching around for one you […]

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