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The KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error within a Blue Screen of Death points to a driver failure involving a newly-installed piece of hardware. Here’s how to track down what’s causing it.

Fix Windows 7 File Errors

There’s an easy way to verify and repair your files in Windows 7, and this step can often prevent Blue Screens of Death from happening.

The Windows Action Center is a great place to learn about issues that your Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC is having.

Set Up a Password in Windows XP

It’s important to password protect your accounts in Windows XP to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access. Here’s how you do that.

A Command Prompt, or DOS Window, is where you carry out text instructions that are difficult to do through Windows.

Windows has an app called Windows Easy Transfer that makes it super easy to move files and settings from one PC to another.

Create a Shortcut in Any Version of Windows

A shortcut is a Windows file that directs you toward a folder or file in a different part of Windows. Shortcuts are really useful for getting around the Windows environment.

Windows has built-in tools for fixing Internet connectivity problems. Here’s how to activate these tools easily and get back up and running.

Change the Windows 7 Power Plan

Adjusting a power plan in Windows lets you control how your laptop saves on battery, especially between charges.

Bring Back Aero Snap to Windows 8

Aero Snap was a really handy and often-used feature of Windows 7 that’s been left out of Windows 8. But there’s a way to bring it back.

Virtual memory is when your PC uses your hard drive as temporary RAM. Adjusting virtual memory can speed up your PC significantly.

Activate System Protection in Windows 7

There’s a feature in Windows 7 called System Protection that saves older versions of files and folders, and lets you restore to them easily in case of a problem.

How to Setup Multiple Monitors on Windows 8

If you’re used to two or three monitors, then Windows 8 handles things a little differently, and it’s kind of jarring. Catch up to the changes to multiple monitor settings.

“Operating System Not Found” seems like a really serious Windows error. All is not lost, however. Here’s how to fix that problem.

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