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IPv … What? I Need to Know This Why?

The IPv4 Internet standard is slowly making the transition to IPv6. Find out what all that means to you, and what you need to do about it.

There are six facts we know about Windows 8 at the present time, and here they are. Hopefully, this helps you decide whether or not you want to purchase it.

DVRs are nice, but if you’ve got an old PC lying around, you can make one of your own. with a few simple upgrades and software downloads. Find out how.

Chromebooks are cheap laptops with Chrome OS on them, which is Google’s web-based operating system designed to run in the cloud. Find out the pluses and minuses of Chromebooks.

There’s a recent invention called a Powerline Adapter that lets you get similar to wired Internet speeds through your home electrical outlet. It’s far superior to Wi-Fi. Check it out.

How to Refurbish a Computer for Someone

There are many things you can do with a PC you no longer use. Donate it to a school or church. Or reformat it and give it to a friend or family member. Computers last a long time, even if you’re done with them.

Playing most online games and anything else that requires massive upload and download speed requires you to plug in via Ethernet. Here’s how the different wired Internet providers compare.

Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player? We run down the differences between these popular video-playing applications.

The Definitive Guide on Wireless Speeds

Here’s a rundown of the different wireless technologies and their maximum speeds. 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi all have different theoretical limits, and the results may surprise you.

There have been many articles comparing the latest versions of the three most powerful browsers: Google Chrome 10, Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4. But we’re taking a different approach, as our goal is to help you optimize your browser experience. We want to know which browser uses less CPU and less memory while running the same set of tasks.

Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for your PC

Time to dust off your PC, literally and metaphorically, with this series of Spring Cleaning tips.

Storing your media files in the cloud is a good idea, especially if you’ve got a small hard drive. Amazon Cloud Drive is one way to do that.

At work, it’s likely you use Microsoft Outlook to handle e-mail. If you’ve got an old machine, and there are a ton of old machines out there in the business world, Microsoft Outlook can eat up a ton of your computer’s processor! I had a job once where you couldn’t have Outlook open and something else at the same time, or the PC would slow to a crawl. There’s got to be another way, even for business users.

Just How Fast is Thunderbolt on a Mac?

Thunderbolt is a brand-new interface between devices and PCs that’s much, much faster than anything else, including USB and FireWire.

Last week, we ran a survey about the number of icons in your system tray. We received nine responses, and we’ve crunched the numbers a little bit.

The average number of icons in the system tray:

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