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Viruses are bad, and they keep coming until your PC is good and messed up. Here are the steps you can take to stop a virus attack, even one already in progress.

Five Reasons to Keep Your Drivers Fresh

Keeping your drivers updated is critical for software and hardware stability. Here’s five reasons why you should update drivers as often as you can.

Blu-Ray is dead! We’ve got a bunch of great reasons why this replacement for DVD is dying on the vine, and what your viable alternatives are.

Improve Productivity with 9 Free Apps!

Productivity apps are important for optimizing your life, rather than your PC. This set of nine productivity apps will help you do just that, and they’re free. Check them out.

9 Free Windows Apps to Make Work Easier

From ImgBurn to VLC Media Player, from FileZilla to Volumouse, these free optimization apps will get you where you want to go with much less hassle. Give them a try!

The ReviverSoft Blog goes Global!

We’ve got over 100 blog posts and counting, all about helping you better optimize your PC. Now, each and every one of these blog posts have been translated into 22 languages.

My PC is Getting too Hot! What Can I do?

Regulating PC temperature is vitally important for the continued long life of your machine. Here are steps you can take to prevent your PC from overheating.

What Happens When My PC Starts Up?

Here now is the first in a series of ReviverSoft Comics, answering the burning question: What actually goes on inside your PC after you push the power button?

There’s a standard scan that Registry Reviver performs every time you run it, and there’s a secondary scan as well called the Deep Scan. The deep scan is not enabled in Registry Reviver by default; you need to click the Scan button at the top, and select the Deep Scan check box. Then perform the scan.

It’s not always easy to replace your PC. While we at ReviverSoft want you to keep the PC you already own, sometimes it’s necessary to go ahead and replace it. Find out the warning signs in this interactive video.

When you start your PC, several programs launch automatically. These programs are set up to launch this way. However, when a program is removed incorrectly, often your PC will still try to launch it upon startup. That’s because the registry entry remains in your Windows Registry.

The iPhone is not known for its battery life. Find out how to go longer between outlets.

Google+, or Google Plus, is Google’s new social media engine. It’s increasing in popularity, and we have an easy way for you to share our content with the Google+ world.

A Finely Tuned Machine [Infographic]

Learn about PC maintenance and safe computing to ensure your machine is finely tuned.

IPv … What? I Need to Know This Why?

The IPv4 Internet standard is slowly making the transition to IPv6. Find out what all that means to you, and what you need to do about it.

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