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5 Great Tips for Laptop Battery Care

Laptop batteries don’t last forever. In fact, they’re often among the first laptop components to wear out and ultimately fail. Here’s a few tips for taking care of your laptop’s battery, so that you don’t have to spend the money on a replacement.

Let’s face it: Wires cause clutter. The more wires you have from your laptop or desktop PC to your peripherals, the more clutter there is, and the more wires can get tangled, pulled out, frayed or ruined. Thankfully, electronics are moving in a wireless direction. Fewer cords is a good thing, right? Sure, but not always.

Can a Tablet Replace a Laptop for Good?

With the announcement and impending release of the iPad 3, it’s important to point out that as advanced as tablets are, there are still things they can’t do that a laptop can do.

We did a recent poll on Facebook where we asked you what you did with your PC when done with it. Out of 25 responses, eight people said they put their PC in Sleep Mode. Two people said they Hibernated it. And the majority, 14 people, said they shut it down completely.

What Size of Laptop Do You Need?

The Size of Laptop that’s Right for you Illustration: Gordon McAlpin You’d like to pick up a laptop, but you can’t make up your mind from the various model types, screen sizes, and configurations. We’ll break it down for you. There are three main sizes of laptops these days: netbooks, ultrabooks and notebooks. NETBOOKS Though fallen out of style in recent years, netbooks are still popular among people who want a PC on an extreme budget. For just a couple hundred dollars, you can get a Windows 7 Basic or […]

Do I Need an Ultrabook? What are the benefits?

Ultra means “going beyond what is ordinary” or “excessive” or “extreme”. Ultrabooks are kind of the opposite of that …

Integrated graphics are built in to your PC’s motherboard and offer very limited memory and graphics power. Dedicated graphics are on a card that plugs in to the motheboard. There’s no reason to have to choose these days. Find out why.

Turn Off Hibernate

Hibernate or Sleep Mode on a laptop can activate at the most inopportune times. Here’s how to adjust when your laptop hibernates, if at all.

Turn your Laptop into a Desktop

There are a few simple steps to make your laptop PC function more like a desktop PC, including the use of external devices.

Track your Laptop

If your laptop gets stolen or lost, it’s important to have tracking software on it. PREY is a good free choice to get your PC back.

If you’re heading to college in the near future but haven’t yet decided on a machine, Microsoft frequently runs Free Xbox 360 offers with the purchase of a new PC.

You’d like to turn your laptop into a desktop replacement? Great! Here’s how you go about doing that, from the external monitor onward. That way, you only need one PC.

How do I Pick the Right Laptop?

It’s important to understand the differences between a full-sized laptop and a smaller, less expensive netbook. What are the pluses and minuses of each type of machine?

Best Practices to Maintain your Laptop Battery

With the whole world moving to mobile technology, there is an ever increasing need for batteries to last longer. What is the point in carrying a laptop with you somewhere if the battery will only last for 15 minutes and you will end up plugging it in anyway?

How can my Laptop Battery Last Longer?

With more and more people now doing their computing on the go, whether that be on a smart phone, a tablet device or with a laptop, battery life is really the only thing that keeps you tied down. So how long do you get from you laptop’s battery life?

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