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It’s important to determine how much power your computer and its components are using — the first step toward saving money on your energy bill.

A real question when buying a new PC is how much RAM, or memory, the computer needs. Here’s a rundown of various configurations and the needed RAM requirements.

A Guide to Physical PC Maintenance

PC maintenance is more than just software. Learn how to keep your PC clean, inside and out.

There are five principles to keep in mind when after a new computer, whether that’s a laptop, desktop, PC or Mac. Educate yourself about the five Ps.

There are upsides and downsides to using a TV, rather than a monitor, as your PC’s primary display. Find out if a TV is right for your PC.

Everyone knows there are three words that any lovestruck individual loves to hear on Valentine’s Day. Well, we’ve got three words of our own that your PC will love to hear today. Repeat them often and you will love your computer again … and your computer just might love you back! Love your computer again. REPAIR Dazzle your PC with this easy step for repairing it. If Windows isn’t working correctly, your PC might have a virus, or it might be bogged down by malware. You’re going to need to […]

Fixing Momentary PC Freezing Problems

If you’re experiencing regular, but brief, PC freezes throughout your working day, there are several things that could be the culprit. We can help.

Updating the BIOS on a Windows PC

The BIOS is the basic instruction set of your PC, and it can need updated occasionally to better handle new hardware and new versions of Windows. Learn how here.

Do I Need an Ultrabook? What are the benefits?

Ultra means “going beyond what is ordinary” or “excessive” or “extreme”. Ultrabooks are kind of the opposite of that …

How to Revive an Old PC – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our five-part series about reviving an old PC.

How to Revive an Old PC – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our five-part series about reviving an old PC.

How to Revive an Old PC – Part 1

Welcome to a five-part blog series, all about reviving an old PC! We’re going to take you through all the steps, from inspecting the inside and outside of the machine, installing diagnostic apps, running Windows Update and Driver Reviver, purchasing upgrades, installing them, and an optional last step: installing an alternative operating system.

A Finely Tuned Machine [Infographic]

Learn about PC maintenance and safe computing to ensure your machine is finely tuned.

Help! How do I Fix a Computer Crash?

So you’re PC has crashed. If you’re able to read this article from another PC, we’ve got several steps you can try to fix it. It’s important to get your ailing PC up and running, and we can help.

You’d like to turn your laptop into a desktop replacement? Great! Here’s how you go about doing that, from the external monitor onward. That way, you only need one PC.

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